Residential and Commercial Radon Mitigation in Canada

Residential Services

What we do is called sub slab depressurization; it is the standard for a guaranteed reduction in Radon and any other soil gas contamination or infiltration into a building.
Radon Works only installs the best quality systems for the geographical location of the building. If you live in a sub zero climates, the heart of your system (the fan) will be located in the basement or heated part of the lowest floor. We use nothing but schedule 40 PVC pipe with chemically welded joints on our entire discharge pipe. All standard code compliant homes, with a 100% poured concrete floor also receive the same baseball bat proof pipe.
radon reduction system pipe

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Reducing Radon Levels in Existing Homes: A Canadian Guide for Professional Contractors

Common sense has gotten us to this point and our work with Health Canada has helped to create a Radon installation guide that mimics our values.

Whether you live in Ottawa or Chelsea, Ontario, Quebec, Manitoba, British Columbia, Canada or Australia, we are here to help you free you home of high Radon gas levels. The installation will vary from home to home, but the guarantee remains the same. We guarantee to reduce your radon gas levels to 50% of the Canadian action level of 200 Becquerel’s or 5.4 pCi/m3. No other company in any country gives you this kind of guarantee, let alone backs it up with the word “lifetime”, that’s right, our system designs and installations are guaranteed to reduce your Radon gas levels to 100 Becquerels for life. All fans sold by Radon Works have a 5 years replacement warranty as well. We will also replace free of charge any Fantech fan under warranty for any mitigation system within 24 hrs.

Commercial Services

  • Membranes and full encapsulation of exposed soils and rocks
    For use in radon reduction, vapour intrusion and brownfields construction. We only use the best products – ask about our fire rated difference!
  • Full containment for rubble walls and stone structures
    no more damp crawl space and extend life of structure.
  • Methane reduction systems for high risk areas
  • HRV Balancing – to the actual need of the building and occupants.

Coming soon: Radon Guard Installations, for retrofits and new construction.