Canada Radon Barriers Specialists for Exposed Soil & Crawlspaces

Radon Works sets the standard for Radon and other soil gas membrane applications.
  • Fire Rated – Ripstop Radon Membranes
  • No Voc Caulkings And Sealants
  • Lifetime Guarantee

For exposed soil-rock in basements or crawlspaces, a cross strand Radon membrane is installed and bonded to the perimeter walls or foundation.

Fire rated and tough enough to walk on

Arthur is certified by C-NRPP and is presently the only Radon membrane specialist in Canada, specialising in sealing exposed soil and crawlspaces since 2007. Arthur has been contracted by the best mitigators in the country to ply his craft, attention to detail, quality workmanship and using only the best products and materials for the job are what sets Radon Works above the rest.

radon reduction system pipe

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