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Lorraine Byerley
Best outcome from an unfortunate situation

After hearing a radio interview on the CBC in 2014, I decided to check our radon levels using a long-term testing kit from the Radiation Safety Institute of Canada. Three months later we got the bad news. Our level was 483 Bq/m2. After reading the Health Canada literature and lots more, we decided that we needed professional help. Enter Radon Works.

Rob made a house call in just a matter of days. He suggested some DIY mitigation procedures and hooked us up with a local supplier for a digital detector. We made some inexpensive fixes ourselves then tested the outcome. Sure enough, the radon levels in our basement dropped by 160 Bq/m2. Good news but unfortunately it wasn’t enough to bring our readings within Health Canada tolerances.

To solve our problem we went for the “full-up” mitigation solution–installation of a radon fan/vent system. Two-weeks later on a snowy day, Rob and Arthur arrived on schedule to install the fan. With minimal disruption, they did the work and had the fan online within a few hours. Now our readings are between 20 Bq/m2 and 36 Bq/m2. What a relief! As an added bonus, the humidity levels in our basement have never felt better. Everything is nice a dry.

Thanks Rob and Arthur! We’ll be sure to recommend Radon Works to our friends and neighbours.

André Guyon
1.3, or less than 50 becquerels. I now have the feeling that I made a sound investment to protect my family’s health.

The lowest figure I had during in a full year was 4.5, the highest was 11. The day you installed the system, short-term reading was at 7 or 259 becquerels, the most common figure I read on the monitor.

In my mind, this illustrates the job was efficient (and from what I could see and understand, state of the art). I expected a lot of mess with concrete dust, but there was really little, I expected something perhaps noisy, but the fan’s actual noise compares to what I would hear in a hotel when another room’s shower operates.

Have a great day.

1,3 ou moins de 50 becquerels. J’ai maintenant l’impression d’avoir fait un bon investissement pour la santé de la famille.

J’ai mesuré pendant un an, et le moniteur n’est jamais descendu à moins de 4,5, il est déjà monté à 11. Quand vous avez installé le système il y a deux jours, le moniteur indiquait 7, ou 259 becquerels – ce qui est le chiffre que j’ai vu le plus souvent pendant l’année.

Je crois que ça prouve que le travail a donné de bons résultats (et selon ce que j’ai pu voir et comprendre, un travail exécuté de main de maître). Je m’attendais à beaucoup de poussière de béton, à un bruit qui allait me déranger. Je n’ai presque pas vu de poussière, et le bruit du ventilateur équivaut à peu près à celui que j’entendrais dans une chambre d’hôtel quand on prend une douche dans une autre chambre.

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